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    MiTAC is committed to producing and developing electronics products and providing people with leading edge electronics technologies, in order to enhance their living quality. MiTAC is also devoted to pursuing a balanced interaction and harmony among people, society, ecology and environment. Recognizing its environmental conservation and corporate social responsibilities for more than a dozen years, MiTAC has been making continuous efforts to promote the sustainable development of the human living environment by implementing the green process, hoping to meet the requirements of various green product certifications. Furthermore, MiTAC will launch the carbon footprint inventory for its products in the near future.

    To ensure the proper operations of its product quality and ESH systems, MiTAC began implementing these systems in 1993 and has gradually passed the certification of relevant systems. These included the TL9000 international standard for telecommunication from the QuEST Forum formed by world-leading telecommunication manufacturers; the TS16949 international standard for auto and auto accessory production; the ISO14001 EMS standard. From product design, supplier management, marketing, and post-delivery service, MiTAC has been making continuous voluntary improvement throughout the lifecycle of its products. In 2004, MiTAC began promoting environmental-protection-related projects and research plans to establish its green product management system meeting EU directives and the relevant international specifications and requirements.

    As an internationally trustworthy business, MiTAC has been involved in environmental education for the future, in order to realize the harmony and co-existence among people, society, ecology and environment and thereby pursue steady growth for sustainable development with the following actions:

    Quality Policy(QMS(note): ISO9001 + TL9000)

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Employee Commitment
  • Adherence to Regulations
  • Total Quality
  • (Note: QMS: Quality Management System)

    Environmental&Occupational Health&Safety Policy(EHS(note): ISO14001 + OHSAS1801)

    Comply with Regulatory Requirements:
    We will meet or exceed all applicable government requirements and voluntary requirements to which MiTAC subscribes.
    Conserve Energy and Nature Resources:
    We will ensure the responsible use of energy throughout our business, including conserving energy, improving energy efficiency.
    Develop Green Production:
    We will aim to achieve” Design for Environment” principles in all products in order to minimize impacts on the environment.
    Provide a Safe and Healthful Workplace:
    We will encourage employees to report potential safety hazards and issues, and be involved in implementing solutions for protecting the health and safety of employees.
    Ensure Continuous Improvement:
    We will encourage employees to report potential safety hazards and issues, and be involved in implementing solutions for protecting the health and safety of employees.

    (Note: EHS: Environmental & Occupational Health & Safety)

    Restriction of Hazardous Substances Policy - Eco-friendly Statement(HSF:IECQ QC080000)

    One Earth:Respect the uniqueness of Earth’s resources

  • MiTAC is developing and implementing procedures and policies to limit greenhouse gas (GHG) concentrations in the Earth's atmosphere.

  • Two Resolutions:

  • To comply with environmental regulations and satisfy the requirements of our customers.
  • With increasing international attention and conformity to environmental regulations, such as EU RoHS, WEEE, REACH, etc, MiTAC aim to achieve Design for Environment (DfE) compliance for our products by promoting cleaner production, establishing a green product management platform, organizing a green supply chain and living up to customer demands through high quality products coupled with effective services.

  • Three Promises:

    Affect the management system, deliver eco-information and take social responsibility

  • Implement the IECQ QC080000 to start monitoring of the HSF processes.
  • Establish the channels of communication to publish the environmental information for all stakeholders.
  • Balance business growth and ecological protection with the social responsibility of being a citizen of earth.

  • Four Implementations:

    Provide eco-friendly green products with pollution reduction, energy saving, packaging reduction that are designed for recycling.

  • Design using eco-friendly materials such as the compliance with the RoHS directive and the using of BFR-free plastic chassis.
  • (Energy Star)Comply with the product energy saving requirements of international ecolabels such as Energy Star.
  • Reduce the packaging weight, optimize the packaging volume and minimize the packaging materials.
  • (Reuse+Recycling+Recovery) Achieve more than 75% product recycling rate (Reuse+Recycling+Recovery).