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MiTAC is OCP Platinum member & solution provider working for OCP project for years since 2012.

MiTAC OCP solution provides whole rack infrastructure for wide range users and for easy scale-up, including computing sled, JBOD/JBOF storage, OCP NICs, and solution to adopt OCP sleds in EIA 19-inch rack.

Open Compute Project (OCP)


  • Server

  • Intel solution
  • Leopard (Grantley 2S)comingsoon
  • TS2280-E7278P ( Purley 2S)
  • Storage

  • JBOF
  • Crystal Lake (PCIe 4)comingsoon
  • Rack

  • ESA V1
  • ESA V2comingsoon
  • Mezzanine