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Regulatory Agency Certification Services

We provide design review, prototype verification testing, design retrofitting, and agency certification testing and applications. After NPI, we perform product-sustaining service to verify revised after NPI for designs and conduct certification file maintenance. These services include:

Safety Agency Certification Service

Product Safety Agency Certification Service

  • Product safety design review and pre-compliance testing.
  • Worldwide agency certification, including: CB, CE, EAC, UL/cUL, NOM, IRAM/S-mark, CCC, BSMI, KC, PSE, RCM, BIS, NRCS, KEBS, SONCAP, SASO, etc.
  • EMC Agency Certification Service:

  • EMC design review and pre-compliance testing.
  • EMC Agency certification, including: CE, FCC, IC, VCCI, CCC, KC, BSMI, RCM, etc.
  • Support for wireless agency verification and certification at 3rd party labs, such as CE, FCC, SAR, PTCRB, GCF.
  • Design documentation control.
  • Environmental Compliance Service

    Environmental Compliance Service

    MiTAC has a dedicated team that uses the MiTAC eGP (Green product supplier chain management) system to collect environmental-compliance evidence documents from part/material suppliers for assessment and qualification.

    The team also provides green design compliance assessment using different tools, including:

  • ENERGY STAR®, EPEAT, IPC-1752 (Materials Declaration Management)
  • JGPSSI, AIS, chemSHERPA, BOMcheck
  • Our environmental team has worldwide experience with ecolabel applications, such as EPEAT, EU Flower, Nordic Swan, China SEPA, etc.

    Labs and Facilities
    EMC Test Lab

    EMC Test Lab

    The MiTAC EMC lab complies with ISO 17025 and is accredited by TAF, NVLAP, FCC, VCCI and BSMI. The major facilities include:

  • 10 meter semi-anechoic chamber for radiated emission measurement
  • 3 meter semi-/full anechoic chamber for radiated emission/immunity measurement
  • Conducted emission test room, power conditioning & noise simulation test chamber, two ESD test chambers (20% R.H.) and shielding rooms for debugging measurement
  • The MiTAC EMC lab provides product pre-compliance and certification testing and Agency approval services, including: CE, FCC, VCCI, BSMI, RCM, CCC, NEBS-pre-compliance testing, and automotive device testing.

    Product Safety Test Lab

    Product Safety Test Lab

    The MiTAC safety test lab is recognized by TUV and UL for witness testing and is equipped with everything necessary for safety testing. A high rating power system is provided for rack level server system testing.

    Environmental Test Lab

    Environmental Test Lab

    To maintain compliance with environmental requirements, especially for restricted substance qualification tests, MiTAC has set up an Environmental Test Lab for quality control. The major equipment includes GC/MS, EDS-XRF, ICP-OES, and UV-Vis.

    Product Design Validation
    Reliability Design Validation

    Reliability Design Validation

    With international lab accreditations such as ISO-17025 and ISTA, abundant test facilities & robust validation processes, our laboratories are well qualified for validation the reliability and quality requirements for hand-held products, industrial products, enterprise server & rack-level cloud products, etc., throughout all phases of product development and production.

    Acoustics Design Validation

    Acoustics Design Validation

    The MiTAC acoustics validation laboratory is a multi-standard-enabled acoustical laboratory, providing professional acoustical test services compliant with industry standards. High quality & traceable acoustic instruments are used in the physical and psychological acoustic tests such as sound power level, sound pressure, and sound quality-related validation. ISO-17025 accredited, the lab is well qualified to issue test reports with ISO/IEC 17025 certification.

    Energy Efficiency Design Validation

    Energy Efficiency Design Validation

    ISO-17025 accredited, recognized and qualified by the US EPA (E-Star program) & CEC BCS, the MiTAC Energy Efficiency test lab covers the most popular global and local energy standards, such as Energy Star & CEC BCS for the United States, ErP for the European Union, CECP for China, Top Runner for Japan, and is authorized to issue product test reports with ISO/IEC 17025 certification.

    Signal Integrity Design Validation

    MiTAC Signal Integrity Validation laboratories are equipped with sophisticated signal integrity validation instruments to ensure compliance with multiple industry standards. The labs always keep pace with up-to-date technologies, and offer the full range of signal integrity services and solutions, including SI analysis & debugging, validation of board level design & electrical characteristics, and so on.

    Compatibility & System Integration Design Validation

    Our Compatibility & System Integration Validation labs work closely with our R&D teams product design phase, and maintain profound knowledge in peripherals, OS, and software for various products. Our labs are well equipped for comprehensive product tests, including validation of hardware, firmware, software, functionality, compatibility, system integration, performance benchmarking, system stress, OS certification, specific functions, and localization tests.

    Component Qualification

    Component Qualification

    Our Component Qualification labs are aligned with up-to-date component technology & environmental regulation standards such as RoHS and EU REACH. They are devoted to function, quality, and the component characteristics from suppliers consistent with the component specifications and compliance of component materials with global environmental regulations.

    Validation Automation Validation Automation

    Validation Automation

    The MiTAC Validation Automation laboratory provides professional & comprehensive validation & debugging tool development services for automation & optimization of product validation processes to enhance overall efficiency of validation management, test planning, test execution, test process monitoring, test status recording, as well as test report generation. The lab is highly experienced in hardware & software development on CPLD, 8051, C, C++, C#, VB, Labview, Python, and utilizes Robot, IoT & AI technology during the implementation of validation & debugging tools as well as the development of test automation for reliability testing, acoustics testing, energy efficiency testing, signal integrity & electrical testing, functionality & compatibility testing, component qualification, equipment calibration, as well as data analytics, validation management, and validation process optimization.

    Notes: ENERGY STAR is an U.S. registered mark of the United States Environmental Protection Agency. EPEAT® is an U.S. registered trademark of EPEAT, Inc. The regulatory agency certification names, words, symbols, or logos mentioned herein are the property or trademark or registered trademark of their respective owners.