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Complete Manufacturing Capability
Complete Manufacturing Capability

We have world class manufacturing sites in China, the US, and Europe. Our manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Sophisticated SMT process for PCB assembly
  • Barebone assembly
  • System assembly
  • Rack integration
  • Mitac can provide world class high volume/low mix and low volume/high mix flexible manufacturing services. Using our comprehensive information management system, we can provide flexible operation models, such as build-to-order, configure-to-order, continuous flow production, and cell production.

    Advanced Manufacturing Technology

    Our advanced manufacturing techniques and equipment bring your high quality products to the market on time. Productivity, quality, and process efficiency are improved through our continuing investments in intelligent manufacturing and automation, connecting equipment, data, and processes.

    Our manufacturing engineers perform Design of Experiments (DOE) on all sophisticated components and manufacturing processes. They examine and analyze component fractures, internal cracks, and detection of interior crystal lattice structures.

    With more than 20 years of fixture fabrication experience, our fixture house is capable of designing and fabricating various kinds of fixtures for manufacturing and testing.

    Advanced Aanufacturing Technology

    Our kitting system for automated components significantly improves material kitting lead time, avoids material kitting congestion, and eliminates human error.

    3D Solder Paste Inspection detects the quality of solder paste printing, including volume, area, height, XY offset, shape, bridging, and identifies defects in the solder paste printing process.

    Automated Optical Inspection provides 360° color image contrast for double-sided PCBAs, inspects miniature components and 0.3mm mil pin-pitch ICs, and identifies component defects, such as missing or overturned components, short circuit, open solders, low solder, incorrect parts, incorrect polarities, and skewing.

    The fastest AXI system is applied to all PCBA tests. It covers both hidden component pins, like BGAs, and also external component pins like ICs.

    Advanced Aanufacturing Technology

    Our highly-developed conformal coating process protects server and automotive products and their components from harsh environments that might contain moisture and/or chemical contaminants. Production efficiency for automotive products is improved through our auto lock screw machine.

    24-hour automatic particle control is applied to our system workshop. The high standard clean room for touch panel and LCD assembly complies with ISO class 7 standards.

    Our rack Integration production floor is set up to assemble and test larger scale, complex server/storage racks.

    Moving to Industry 4.0
    Moving to Industry 4.0

    As we move toward Industry 4.0, we are developing intelligent automated systems using close-loop DMADV (Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, Verify). The automation and intelligent systems are developed for:

  • automation in key manufacturing steps
  • individual real-time location for parts & work-in-process
  • data analysis for real time improvement
  • vertical data integration between R&D and manufacturing.
  • With more than 30 years of experience in the advanced manufacturing industry, we are confident that we produce the best products at competitive prices and provide the best in-class service to our customers.