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We encourage full devotion to continuous quality improvement to establish the highest quality standards possible using e-quality management systems such as our Intelligent Management System, Issue Tracking System, Shop Floor Control System, Part Traceability/Verification System, etc. These automatic systems utilize fool-proof controls to provide industrial standard and optimal-quality products and services.

Through 30+ years of accumulated experience and continuous improvements, MiTAC has established a long-term relationship of trust and confidence with first-tier customers worldwide, and has also won various quality awards from major customers.

Quality Management
Advanced Aanufacturing Technology

End-to-End Quality Management

We implement end-to-end product life management from design, NPI, and mass production to field service using DFSS (Design for Six Sigma), DFMEA, NUDD, life time testing and prediction, PFMEA, and warranty return analysis to achieve closed-loop total quality management for our products.

Computer Simulation Benchmarks to Emulation Measurement for Proactive Product Quality Management

Computer modeling is widely used during product development to identify the weakest point of the circuit layout and to benchmark to actual measurement. Design improvement action can be applied to mitigate risks during thermal assembly and fulfill the inter connect reliability of the product.

Transportation Stress Monitoring in Global Product Shipping

As part of our robust product design in the early stage of NPI, shock stress from shipping routes is monitored in real-time using Shocklog. Drop testing is also performed in our reliability lab to emulate the stress level and benchmark it to transportation stress.

This design verification practice is an essential part of MiTAC product design and quality management.

Test Automation for manufacturing quality

Testing Automation for Manufacturing Quality

Integrating robots and our smart system during BFT and ICT manufacturing tests, we achieve efficiency and test accuracy for manufacturing quality.

Proactive technology roadmap in component and PCB assembly

Proactive Technology Roadmap in Component and PCB Assembly

We participate in industrial consortium and electronic standards committees to enable proactive technology roadmap projection in order to achieve manufacturing readiness and zero product defects.