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    A MiTAC subsidiary, Mio Technology is the Asia’s leading and the world’s third leading brand of GPS products distributed in 56 countries and territories with more than 1,700 employees worldwide.

    Foreseeing that mobile is the future trend for our living and business, Mio Technology sets “explore more™” as its brand tagline and launches comprehensive handheld mobile devices, such as car GPS, portable GPS, car accessories for Apple iPhone and drive video recorders, by focusing on the needs of consumers, attempting to change the way people experience the world and explore the world easily and freely. People can personalize their GPS devices, receive and share information with Mio GPS, and create the best experience in every trip with a variety of navigation and POS information.

    To expand Mio’s product range and enhance its brand competitiveness, MiTAC acquired the Australian leading GPS brand Navman in 2007 and the American leading GPS brand Magellan in 2009.

    Mio Website: