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MiTAC International Corp.
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    The MiTAC Group is an affiliate of the MiTAC-Synnex Group. In addition to MiTAC, there are other listed companies in the group, including the Synnex Technology International Corporation, UPC Technology Corporation, Lien Hwa Industrial Corporation and GETAC. The scope of businesses includes computers, consumer electronics, IT channel, system integration, software R&D, petrochemical, special gases and food industries.

    More information about the group and affiliates, please refer to below

    MiTAC-Synnex Group
    Y.S. Educational Foundation
    Getac Technology Corp.
    MiTAC Information Technology Corp.
    Synnex Technology International Corporation
    UPC Technology Corporation
    Lien Hwa Industrial Corporation
    Synnex Corporation