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  • MiTAC, Leading IT Technology & Service Group

    MiTAC Holdings Group has been developing into a multinational organization of JDM / ODM / OEM / OPM (Original Product Manufacture), design and R&D, manufacturing, testing, assembling, marketing, and servicing in around four decades. With headquarters in Taiwan and manufacturing and logistics centers at Guangdong and Jiangsu Province of China, Hsinchu Taiwan and California US, it is now selling products all over the world with leading brands including Mio, Magellan, and Navman (for auto electronics) and TYAN (for servers).

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    Worldwide Employees

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    Brief about MiTAC

    Founded in 1982, MiTAC International Corp. was one of the first few computer companies chose to settle in the Hsinchu Science Park. It then was listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) in 1990. In pursuing ever more extensive development in the future and improved competitiveness by specialization and transformation, MiTAC Holdings Corporation (MHC), through a stock swap from MiTAC International Corp. (MIC), was established on September 12th, 2013 and listed and traded on Taiwan Stock Exchange.

    MIC then spun off its cloud computing business group into MiTAC Computing Technology Corp. (MCT) on September 1st, 2014 and the mobile communication products business group into MiTAC Digital Technology Corp. (MDT) on January 1st, 2018 for specialization.

    Over the past 30-plus years, MiTAC International Corp. (MIC) has witnessed and progressed alongside the ever-changing InfoTech industry. From personal computer products R&D and manufacturing to global sales and services, MIC continues to grow, advance, modify and transform itself into the core businesses of cloud and edge computing, automotive electronics, IoT and smart services. With its global experience in pioneering advanced technologies and close access to the market, as well as smart, interconnected and sustainable products and services, MIC is committed to becoming clients'priority partner and creating infinite possibilities.

    Group Organization

    Group Orginization

    MiTAC Holdings Corp. (MHC)

    Group Strategy and Investment

    This is the head of the group aimed at mapping out group development, investment, and strategy partnership plan, provide group integrated resources, enhance integration benefits of marketing, manufacturing, and logistics service platform, assist group business entities in operation development, talent fostering, and specialty operation license. All these are aimed at fast organization alignment with group decisions for specialization and improved corporate governance which, in turn, would advance its industry leader position for continuous growth and sustainable operation.

    MiTAC Computing Tech. Corp. (MCT)

    Cloud & Edge Computing and IPC Business

    MCT came with design and manufacturing experiences for 30 years strong, as well as hyper scale data center implementation proven records. Combining TYAN server customization capacity, comprehensive relationships with channel and system integration service providers it is now providing customers with deliverables featuring flexibility and customization while aligned with different system and application types. Aimed at offering customers the best TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) datacenter equipment of the next generation; Smart client solutions may contain panel PC, BOX PC, mobile POS, and industrial mainboards featuring integration and competitiveness.

    MiTAC Digital Tech. Corp. (MDT)

    Automotive and AIoT Business

    MDT armed with comprehensive navigation systems; automotive-grade ODM experiences; outstanding R&D, integration and testing capabilities, MDT promotes to both consumer and specialty markets its brands, Mio, Magellan and Navman. In response to future IoT trends, MDT will provide more valuable security, info and inter-connectivity services to the markets drawing on its core competitiveness “computer vision, connectivity and location” experience and technologies to upgrade the enterprise value positioning.

    MiTAC International Corp.(MIC)

    Smart Service

    MIC offers the group smart technologies and services, professional logistics support and management, promotes smart buildings and industry 4.0 for optimized operation performance in various companies, while nurturing start-up groups and managing domestic and overseas assets and investments for assets revitalization and enhanced investment performance and acting as solid support for the group's sustainable development.