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  • FAQ
  • FAQ

    When and why was MiTAC holdings Corporation (MHC) incorporated?

    In response to MiTAC’s transition strategy and enhancing the Group’s core competence, on April 8 2013, the Board of Directors of MiTAC International Corp. agreed to form a stockholding company, MiTAC Holdings Corporation (MHC) through a stock swap from MiTAC International Corp.. This proposal was approved by the share holders’ meeting of MiTAC International Corp. on June 24th. Following the completion of stock swap process and official government approvals, MHC was established on September 12 and listed and traded on Taiwan Stock Exchange.

    What are the major products and service of MHC operation?

    MHC is the head of the group to map out group development, investment, and strategy partnership plan, and has three wholly own subsidiaries, including MiTAC International Corp., MiTAC Computing Technology Corp., MiTAC Digital Technology Corp., and its subsidiaries. More information about MHC, please visit here

    On which stock exchange does MHC trade and what is its ticker symbol?

    MiTAC Holdings Corporation was listed and traded on the Taiwan Stock Exchange on September 12th 2013, under stock code 3706, company code “MHC”.

    When is MHC's next quarterly earnings release date?

    The financial reports for the first, second and third quarter will be released within 45 days after the quarter end.

    The annual report will be released within 3 months after the year end.

    When does MiTAC announce monthly revenue?

    It is announced before the 10th day of the following month. For example, the revenue of March will be announced before the 10th of April.

    What is MHC’s fiscal year?

    MHC follows the normal calendar year; therefore our fiscal year ends December 31.

    What do you need to do in order to participate in MHC's dividend payments?

    A shareholder must own MiTAC shares on the day that the dividend is issued to be entitled to the proposed dividend payment.

    When do I find out the ex-right and ex-dividend date after the general meeting?

    After the allotment of dividend is passed through the resolution in the shareholder’s meeting, the date of ex-right and ex-dividend will be announced after passing through the meeting of the board of directors called upon.

    If I do not receive the notice of shareholder’s meeting, how do I inquire about holding the old shares of MiTAC Internationl and other relevant issues?

    Please contact our Stock agency directly.

    Name: Chinatrust, Stock agent

    ADD: 5F, 83, Sec. 1, Chung-Chin S. Road, Taipei City

    TEL: 886-02-2181-1911

    IR Contacts

    Public Relations Manager

    Ms. Sammy Huang


    Tel : +886-3-3289000 ext. 7685

    Stock Agency

    China Trust Commercial Bank - Stock Agency Department

    5F., No.83, Sec. 1, Chongqing S. Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei,Taiwan, R.O.C.

    Tel : +886-2-6636-5566