Been in server industry for over 30 years, MiTAC Computing Technology Corp. (MCT), an industry leading server and storage solutions provider, has devoted to OCP products development significantly, since OCP adoption is growing and benefits are getting visible.   The benefits of OCP products include less power (electricity) consumption, cost saving in data center operation, CAPEX saving, fast deployment/installation, flexibility.  The benefits that Open Compute provides are driving many organizations to seriously start to consider this as a viable option for their businesses.


Initially most of customers took MiTAC OCP products as proof of concept and performed pilot run at their data centers. Gradually, after they deployed more OCP products, they have gained more confidence, and plan to migrate their products to MiTAC OCP products. One of successful proven record is the deployment on Yahoo Japan Data Centers in which the value of MiTAC OCP products have been well recognized, with CAPEX saving of 29% on server unit cost and 18% on rack cost! 


Along with the successful story with Yahoo! Japan, the other advantage is shortening the lead-time of supply-chain pipe line including product design, manufacturing, and service by the "ODM-Direct" business model between end customers and manufacturers.  Accordingly, the communication and responsiveness are more efficient, and total cost ownership is reduced.